Felony DWI Charges

A person who is charged with a DWI that carries felony consequences will face prosecution in line with the prosecution of other felony criminal cases. Although you may not be a murderer or a person who has committed rape or aggravated robbery, you’ll be treated as a major criminal & threat to public safety.

In Houston, there is growing problem of people driving drunk on the roads which has resulted in state of Texas sparing no effort when it comes to putting criminal laws in place to deter such behavior.

Because The Public Demands Justice

With the public outcry over intoxication manslaughter cases that make the news with headlines like, “Entire Family Killed By Drunk Driver”, its very important that you’re represented by a seasoned criminal lawyer that understands how to combat the absence of the presumption of innocence, and the detrimental perspective of you that may be shared by the jurors (if we take your case that far).

Understanding Felony DWI Charges

A felony DWI can be any offense in which the following is true;

Texas Penalties: Felony DWI Convictions

Prison Term

Convictions for Felony DWI offenses in Texas are handled as 3rd Degree Felony offenses which carry a potential prison sentence of 2-20 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice operated facility.

Texas Drivers License Suspension

In addition to the potential prison sentence, a mandatory Texas Drivers License suspension will ensue, which can last from a period of 6 months to 2 years, to begin after you’ve been released from prison.

Criminal Background

Convicted felons can have a hard time assimilating back into society once released from prison. It can prove difficult to find gainful full-time employment, acquire some professional licenses, and to even acquire residency in some areas. In fact, some institutions of higher learning may reject persons who have suffered a criminal conviction on a felony level.

Contact A DWI Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for DWI with felony implications, you’ll need an attorney who knows how to fight the tough cases, and has experience winning after taking cases to term. For a professional consultation, contact a Houston DWI attorney immediately to discuss your case, the details, & your options.

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