Duey Dialer

The Duey Dialer App: For Drivers Under Suspicion of DWI

Beating a Texas DWI charge may have just gotten easier for anyone plugged-in enough to know about the new DUEY DIALER APP. This cell phone application was designed to help drivers who are on their way home after taking medication or drinking alcohol that may experience an encounter with police.

According To the DWI Lawyers

According to one prominent criminal defense attorney whose law practice is focused on drunk driving defense, having the app in one’s phone is always a great resource to ensure that your attorney has the best tools to defend your rights in the court of law.

Also, the app automatically notifies the defendant’s defense attorney as soon as the device starts recording. While the device is not intended to advocate drunk driving, it can ensure that a person’s rights are violated by authorities during traffic stops and at highly illegal highway checkpoints.

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