Second Time Texas DWI Cases

An experienced DWI Defense lawyer can and will defend you in the court of law if you were charged, a second time, for DWI in the Houston area. Whether you were arrested in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, or anywhere else in the 8-10 county Houston metropolitan region, there are plenty of criminal defense attorneys who will represent you, and fight the claims of criminal activity levied against you.

Texas Considers DWI a Serious Matter

Driving While Intoxicated is a serious criminal offense in Texas, especially if the person has a previous arrest for DWI on record. Lawmakers in Austin have taken a ZERO-tolerance approach to drunk driving, and have passed laws which apply the greatest amount of pressure of DWI defendants who have multiple occurrences/convictions.

People have been sentenced to life in prison for multiple DWI convictions.

Houston DWI lawyer Tad A. Nelson is an experienced defense attorney who represents her clients to the fullest of her ability during every courtroom encounter with Harris County prosecutors.

In fact, attorney Tad Nelson is former a former asst. Galveston County prosecutor, and one of the best to ever prosecute suspects; giving you legal representation by a lawyer with a unique insight that will benefit you when you’re being represented by an attorney of Tad Nelson’s caliber.

Consequences if Convicted

If you were arrested for a 2nd DWI offense you’re facing charges that are more serious than a 1st DWI offense in Houston, but not the most serious of criminal classifications if convicted.

Defendants charged with DWI a second time will their criminal charges classified as CLASS A Misdemeanor offenses in the State of Texas.

If you’re found guilty for a 2nd DWI in the Harris County Court you’ll face potential penalties as listed below.

  • You may be assessed a fine not to exceed 4,000,00.
  • You may be sentenced to a jail term of 30 Days to 1 Year,
  • Your Texas Drivers License will be under suspension of a period of 180 days to 2 years.

Avoiding Jail/Probation

1st DWI offenses offer an automatic eligibility for Community Supervision, but there are differences when it comes to people who have been convicted for DWI a second time.

Persons convicted for 2nd DWIs are still able to qualify for “Community Supervision“, but a number of restrictions and additional requirements may apply.

Avoiding jail remains a possibility if you’ve been arrested a second time for a DWI offense in Texas, but shouldn’t be assumed as guaranteed.

The court, the jury, and presiding judge, will have an abundance of influence with regard to the severity of your probationary terms. With an experienced criminal lawyer on your side who knows how to effectively argue from the perspective of the defendant, the more stringent probationary terms may be avoided.

Call Houston DWI Lawyer Tad A Nelson

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