DWI Homicide – Intoxication Manslaughter

There are a number of attorneys who are known as a reliable DWI lawyer for cases in which intoxication manslaughter is alleged by Houston Police Department officers.

Attorneys who are former prosecutors in Houston know the modus operandi of the Office of the Harris County District Attorney, the best steps to take to assist defendants in avoid their wrath, and the best strategy to use for challenging them on their points, destroying their courtroom arguments.

If you’ve been alleged to have killed someone in an auto accident, and it is believed that you were intoxicated, and because of your intoxication a car accident resulted and a person was killed, you’ll need a smart, experienced Houston criminal lawyer to serve as your legal representation to stand a chance against the State of Texas in the court of law.

Consequences if Convicted

If you’re found guilty in the court of law for Intoxication Manslaughter you’ll be prosecuted under 2nd Degree Felony guidelines.

Listed below is a general overview of 2nd Degree Felony sentencing guidelines.

  • You may be assessed a fine not to exceed 10,000,00.
  • You may be sentenced to a jail term of 2-20 Years TDCJ.
  • Your Texas Drivers License will be under suspension of a period of 180 days to 2 years. The suspension period begins after your release form prison.

Find a Top DWI Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with intoxication manslaughter you’ll face serious felony charges with criminal penalties that range from fines of up to 10,000.00, Texas Drivers License suspension periods of up to two years (after you’ve served your prison sentence), and prison sentencing which ranges from 2 – 20 years.

Finding a defense attorney with experience is a challenge, but having access to a DWI lawyer who is also recognized as beyond proficient on all matters related to criminal defense litigation may make the difference between getting on with your life, or being a jail for a large portion of it.

Houston Intoxication Manslaughter Lawyer