Grande Prairie Police

Nearly Killed Texas DWI Victim Speaks Out in Arlington

In a drunk driving accident that sparked headlines all over Dallas on the basis of a video capturing a drunk driver blowing a red light and plowing into a vehicle, the Dallas Morning News reports the victim who lived spoke as a part of an initiative focused on drunk driving and public awareness during the holiday season.

Grande Prairie Police Chief Steve Dye stated, in no certain terms, that reporting and preventing DWI is a societal responsibility that we all need to get involved with.

Even affected drunk drivers know the statistics of how many people down the road as a result of drinking and driving no differences in behavior are evident. This is led the police force asked the public to get involved in reporting suspected drunk drivers throughout Dallas County and elsewhere in Texas.

The Holiday Season and DWI

During this holiday season Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston area DWI tasks forces and police will hope to crack down on the dangers posed on our society by drunk drivers and are asking the public for help in capturing these people. Snitch-lines may be different depending on the jurisdiction in which you live, but believe they’ll be answered.